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Sanborn Savings Bank offers Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards

With your Sanborn Savings Bank credit card you can:
  • Make payments at Sanborn Savings Bank,
  • Get friendly service right here at Sanborn Savings Bank from people you know,
  • When you have a question or concern about your account, you talk to us, not a stranger,
  • Access your account statement and make payments online through
  • Use your card in Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
No matter where you travel or how far you go, you can still feel at home with your Sanborn Savings Bank credit's the hometown card with world-wide acceptance.


Credit Card Contact Phone Numbers:
General Customer Service or Payment by Phone: (800) 423-7503
Lost or Stolen: (800) 325-3678
Disputed Transactions: (800) 600-5249
FICO Falcon Fraud Alerts: (800) 369-4887 Customer Service: (866) 572-1637 or (866) 604-0380
Card Activation: (800) 543-5073

FICO Falcon Fraud Manager:

FICO Falcon Fraud Manager is always on the look out to prevent Debit and Credit Card Fraud.
In order to protect our customers from potential fraud, Sanborn Savings Bank utilizes a fraud prevention program called FICO Falcon Fraud Manager to monitor all transactions on debit and credit cards. If there is a suspicious transaction, FICO Falcon may put a block on your card and will contact you to verify the purchase.  You may be contacted via phone call, text, or email asking whether a specific transaction is valid.  FICO Falcon will NEVER ask for your card number or any other private account information. For this reason, it is important to keep your phone numbers (home and cell) and email address current with Sanborn Savings Bank.

Contact Us for more information on credit cards.

Personal Banking

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